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Samosa-Stuffed Peppers

Festive colors and Indian spices, what could be better?

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It is always hard avoiding sugar around the holidays. Sweets are everywhere! However, these taste great and have no sugar or artificial sweeteners, just fruit.

I went to the local farmers' market on my way to the gym (only 2 blocks out of my way, and extra exercise!), and saw these cute-as-a-button mini zucchini for stuffing.

In general, I am not fond of pretend meat, but I make an exception for hot dogs!

As a vegetarian, I had never really thought about Hungarian cuisine. About ten years ago, after studying many different languages, I decided to study Hungarian. 

Typical muffins are basically mini-cupcakes without frosting. My fruit-sweetened muffins, though, are a healthy option for snacks or breakfast.

As I have mentioned before, I was traumatized by salad during my formative years and I still prefer salads with cooked ingredients to those with lettuce and other raw vegetables.  

This salad is one of our favorite meals during the summer. It contains vegetables, protein and grains, and is a complete, one-dish meal.

​This three-color salad is traditional in Italy and, in my opinion, is a perfect excuse to eat fresh buffalo mozzarella. :o) It is also an excellent portable lunch option in the summer, together with a protein-rich pâté like hummus and whole wheat bread or pita bread. It is so delicious it does not even need dressing. But, if you like, it goes well...

For all of my teenage years, I hated to eat salad. I liked cooked vegetables: broccoli, green beans, cauliflower, etc. But in the lunchroom at my school, I had to eat salad every day. It was the only vegetarian option. And it was the same salad every day... iceberg lettuce (the least nutritious), chopped tomatoes, shredded carrots, grated cheese, s...